In NordicPATH, we aim to co-create sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges of Nordic cities. An essential initial step for this mission is to gather knowledge on the views and behaviors to specific topics concerning air quality and environmental and urban planning.

Fresh air is an important factor impacting health and the quality of life. Here in Lappeenranta, we are actively working for a cleaner environment and constantly monitor air quality with the help of sensors. But with every new spring, the street dust season begins again in Lappeenranta, so we turn to you, residents, to obtain insights regarding your experiences on Lappeenranta’s air quality. What is your experience with street dust and air quality? Which areas in Lappeenranta have problems with street dust and which are the ones with the best air quality?

WHAT: The City of Lappeenranta is using this survey to learn more about residents’ experiences and insights on the city’s air quality.

WHY: This survey is part of the Nordic NordicPATH project which aims to develop new types of collaborative and participatory models to ensure a better environment and cleaner air. The survey and study results will be used to support the City’s activities and in developing the Horisontti – Green general plan.

WHERE: just follow this link to participate in the survey We hope you like responding to the survey!

WHEN: the survey is open until 9 May 2021.

WHO: the survey is open to everyone in Lappeenranta who wants to contribute to improving the cities’ living conditions. As with every data collection, a big number of diverse participants will only enrich the results. So spread the word among your neighbors, relatives, and friends, and submit your answers!

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