We are mapping the air quality in Kungsparken. This will provide us with information that will nurture the discussions with the citizens, city officials, and scientists.

WHY: We want to better understand how the vegetation is affecting the air quality in the park. The results from the mapping can be used to reduce the air pollution exposure of the visitors. The results from the mapping will also be used as part of the discussions on how to make air quality information more relevant for the citizens and city officials.   

 WHAT: We are using passive samplers that measure nitrogen dioxide at approximately 12 sampling points in the park.  At these twelve points, we will collect monthly averages during one year, and additional measurement points can be added based on input from citizens.

HOW: At the moment, the activity is not open to the public, but the results will be the base for some coming-soon co-creation activities. Stay tuned!


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