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A great example of this approach is the recently published article by Kristiansand Kommune. In there, not only they provide state-of-the-art PM pollution mapping with data collected from citizens’ air monitoring through sensors. During periods of unusually low temperatures over several days, the cold air has led to high levels of air pollution in some areas due to elevated levels of airborne dust, including wood burning. The cold winter weather, in combination with a rise in the time we spend home and the increase in the price of electricity, has contributed to more wood burning.

As part of a series of activities for awareness and co-creation of solutions to minimize the impact of wood-burning practices, the article also collects some good practices and actionable tips that we can all consider to make wood-burning less damaging for air quality. These tips will be extended and complemented in a collaborative workshop on wood-burning impact and practices next month. Stay tuned!

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