We believe that citizens, municipalities, researchers, businesses and all other actors must work together to create truly sustainable cities. Our mission is to jointly address sustainable challenges for Aalborg. We are therefore looking for citizens from Vestbyen, Midtbyen, Vejgaard, Øgadekvarteret, as well as the central Nørresundby, who are willing to install a sensor in their home or business to measure the air quality in their immediate surroundings.

We are also looking for citizens who often bike and who are willing to get a mobile sensor on their bicycle to measure the air quality around the city.

WHY: a sensor at your home, business, or on your bike allows you to see real-time measurements of air quality in your outdoor environment. This data will be the cornerstone of a discussion of what solutions are possible to improve the urban environment in Aalborg

HOW: you can send an application through this link, or write an e-mail to: nordicpath@plan.aau.dk

WHO: everyone can get an air quality sensor in Aalborg. Even if the number of sensors is limited, the project team in Aalborg will strive to involve all interested parties for data collection and for discussions on air quality in Aalborg.

2 thoughts on “Sense your city! Get an air quality sensor in Aalborg

  1. To whom it may concern,
    the mentioned project is very interesting and I would be thrilled to be part of it. It would be interesting to have some information on the air quality in my area. I have only one question: is the sensor big and therefore occupies a lot of space?
    I would have the possibility to install one of your sensors in my apartment located in the city center of Aalborg and on a bicycle.
    If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you have a nice day.

    Best regards,

    Giorgio Dorefice

    1. Dear Giorgio,
      thanks for your interest in the project and contribution to it. It would be great to have you on board! About the size of the sensor, please send us an email to nordicpath@plan.aau.dk so we can better guide you from there. However, we can already tell you that they are not big, just a square shape of approx. 15x15cm. However, we can give you more details through email.
      The NordicPATH team

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