How can we improve air quality in certain areas? What groups of citizens are at risk when exposed to bad air quality? What can we do about it? During the Sustainability Festival 2020, you will have the opportunity to take an active part in inspiring, developing, and planning urban ideas and visions for a healthier and sustainable future in Aalborg.

HOW: Our event focuses on location-based air monitoring sensors that gather data about air quality as a cornerstone for urban planning. You can participate in two different ways (or in both!):

  1. data-on-the-go tours: Get one of the ‘sniffers bikes’ (a special device with a sensor in it to measure the number of particles in the air) that will be available for testing in front of the CREATE building and go on your own route along the Limfjord, the city center, and Nørresundby. With this innovative system, you will gather first-hand air quality data every ten seconds you are cycling. Your data will be sent to the Data Platform, presented in an interactive dashboard, and displayed at Aalborg University.
  2. hack the system: Air is a good driver to sustainability and healthy cities. The more we know about its quality, the more accurate solutions we can establish for our urban planning to hack its good or bad quality. Therefore, we ask you to walk or bike around the city and use your mobile phone to pinpoint on an online map the places that you consider in need of a closer examination of their air quality. You can also pinpoint the places from your own sofa! Using a participatory mapping tool (Maptionnaire), we invite you to reflect and contribute to the future planning of solutions related to the air we breathe.

WHEN: Hack the Air in Aalborg will work during the days of the Sustainability Festival, between the 9th and 12th September 2020, from 9.00 until 16.00

WHO: The event is open to everyone who wants to participate. Spread the word and join us!

WHERE: At Aalborg University, CREATE building (Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg)

  • The Sniffer Bikes will be available in front of the CREATE building along the Limfjord in Aalborg City Center.
  • The data will be live-displayed on a screen inside the CREATE building, where you can also contribute with your reflections and thoughts about how to improve the air quality in the city.

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